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Toni Iven -
Life Coach/Personal Coach/Career Coach

Coaching is a collaborative process, with the coach and client working together on the client's dreams. The combined effort of the coaching process allows the client to achieve much more in a shorter period of time than they would alone. Those achievements may include more awareness, increased communication and marketable skills, a willingness to be themselves and realized passion for personal priorities.

Each client brings to their coaching sessions their ability to make powerful choices that create the change desired and even longed for. Coaching fosters a context of awareness that allows the client to create solution-based strategies that strengthen their personal power. I believe you are whole and complete with all the answers, solutions, and possibilities within you. I support you to shift your perspective and stay committed to the work you do in order to achieve your goals.

It's About Getting What You Want

- increased awareness
- directed effort toward desired goals
- increased confidence
- connect to what you are passionate about

"Think outside the shell"

As your coach my job is not to give you advice; I assist you in understanding what you want and support you to get there.

I will hold you accountable to the goals you create. Motivation comes when you see the difference between intention and expectation, and practice letting go of the latter.

Caught in a conflict with a loved one that you can't seem to work out?
Gain strength from working through issues that are impacting your relationships or goals. Learn how to spot patterns and behaviors that may be causing conflict. Visit my mediation page for more in-depth information about conflict resolution.

How to contact me:
Phone: 703-244-6038
Email: toniiven@definitivecoaching.net

Toni Iven, Senior Mediator
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